Inspired by coastal living and festival culture, Lionel the Label introduces a collection of swimwear, athleisure and festival fashion. 

Independently owned and made in Australia, each garment is constructed with precision, love and a sustainable approach to the fashion industry. 

Designer Chloe, aged 25 has also curated a collection of accessories to compliment her range of handcrafted designs.  

We hope that you love wearing your garments as much as we love creating them. Tag away on social media, We would love to see you wearing Lionel the Label!

Happy Shopping,
Love Lionel the Label xx

Social Responsibilities

Lionel the Label is committed to creating a more sustainable future. Each year the fashion industry is one of the highest contributing industries to pollution and environmental destruction. In addition to this the majority of people who work to make garments on the global market live in poverty. These workers are subject to exploitation, working in unsafe and dirty conditions with very little pay. 
To learn more about the fashion industry and why its so important to us to commit our brand to a more sustainable future, please visit: 
The Fashion Revolution

Made with love in Australia, each and every garment is created with precision and a sustainable approach to the fashion industry.
We are all about minimising waste, Lionel the Label releases collections in very limited quantities. And those cute little scrunchies that we all cant go past, they're created from off cuts of garments! 

Everything is designed, cut, sewn and packaged here in our Lionel the Label studio, we are extremely grateful for each and every one of our customers. 

Bare with us as we learn new ways to create a more sustainable future together! 

Lionel the Label xx